Planning Your Project: How We Work Together

If you are like most people, you have some ideas about what you want to accomplish, but you may or may not have the experience to know what is possible, what is feasible, what costs are involved and how to get from point A to point B with the least possible amount of stress and inconvenience. The information gleaned from watching HGTV is not reliable. We are here to help.

How to choose a contractor

Choosing the right contractor is a key element to the success of your project. Knowing your own priorities is essential to this process. Some considerations are:

  • Quality of work
  • Skill and experience
  • Timing and Timeliness
  • Design aesthetic
  • Understanding of current trends and new technologies
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Pricing
  • Communication

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, voice your concerns and request references from any contractor you speak with. At Crimson, we are happy to take the time to answer your concerns and to provide references from our past clients to help you determine if Crimson is the best fit for you.

Inspiration and Design

It is always helpful to convey your vision to our designer with photos you have saved of spaces that appeal to you and products you might like to incorporate into your project. The more you share, the better we can tailor our design to your personal needs and tastes, with fewer rounds of revisions. Please take the time to review or print out our design guides and formulate your responses. Help us to help you.


Are you someone who “wants what you want” or someone who is more interested in “value engineering”? At Crimson Design & Construction, we work comfortably with both personality types, but it is important for all parties to be clear about the project goals. By sharing your budget objectives and design priorities up front, we can create the design you are looking for with fewer iterations, saving time and money for everyone.

Structural Changes

Does your vision seem impossible due to interference from structural walls? We have experience with problem-solving many structural challenges. If the budget permits, most of these impediments can be surmounted, or we can offer more budget-friendly alternatives to accomplish a similar result.

Living Through the Chaos of Construction

Nobody enjoys having their daily routines disrupted by construction. In the best of all worlds, the easiest solution is to move out of the home during construction, but that is not always possible.

We do our best to protect your home during construction by installing dust barriers, protecting existing features which will remain, and cleaning up the work areas at the end of each day.

If there are extenuating circumstances, we try to adjust our schedule to accommodate your family’s special needs.

Installation of a Beam

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