Home Remodeling For Expanding Families

Family Of Three Works With Home Remodeling ExpertsSpace For Growing Families

If your family is growing, you may feel as if you don’t have the space you need to accommodate more people. You could always move, but you like your current house and you don’t really want to pack everything up and start over. Instead of buying something different, consider home remodeling in order to give your family the space it needs to grow a bit further. Here are a few ideas to help you expand in your current home’s space.

Create An Attic Bedroom

Attics are great for storage, but if you need the space for people, get rid of some things or rent out a storage unit for your stuff and use that space as an extra bedroom. With a little insulation, some wall boards, and paint and fixtures, you can create another bedroom out of the attic, which once sat as a wasted space. Not only will you have more space and privacy for an extra person (or two!) but you will also add value to your home by creating another bedroom.

Finish The Basement

The basement is often a dark, dank space that you use for storage or a variety of other things. But if you finish that space off into another living area, the kids can have a great time and spread out a bit from the rest of the house. If the basement is set up right, you may be able to section off part of it for a bedroom or even add a small bathroom. Think of the basement as an open canvas, waiting for you to create it into whatever you want it to be. You’ll get the extra space you need and add value to your home at the same time.

Add On To The House

If you have a one-story home, you could always work on additions and add a second story onto the house for more rooms and space. If you have plenty of land, you could push the house out at one side and add some extra space onto the side or back. This extra square footage can be for bedrooms, or just more space in the living areas. They will add value onto your home and allow your family to grow a bit within the same house.

Create Outdoor Spaces

If you really want the kids to be outside as much as possible, perhaps you don’t need more room inside. Maybe you just need the right spaces outside in order to get them outdoors and away from the cramped house. Consider adding a deck to the back of your house so the area feels more livable. Work on the landscaping a bit to make it more inviting and welcoming, or enclose your porch so they can be outside even when it’s raining. Those outdoor spaces can really save your sanity and make you feel like you have a lot more space than the home actually holds. They also give your house greater curb appeal and overall aesthetics.

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