Tips For Big Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Remodeling any aspect of your home can seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually a really fulfilling experience. More than just an upgrade, something like kitchen remodeling gives a room in your home new life, and it can be done in such a way to help enhance the ‘workflow’. This is especially true in a kitchen where the ebb and flow of cooking depends a lot of where things are located at any given time.

Tips For Your Kitchen Remodelingkitchen-remodeling-projects-require-the-right-design-and-preparation

One of the easiest ways to start the kitchen design process is by simply identifying any gaps or pain points you notice on a daily basis. Maybe you want more space around the island, you hate the look of your cabinets, or your appliances are just out of date. Whatever the reason, make the remodeling experience about improving your current setup and adding long-term value to your home.

You Established a Budget For a Reason

Your budget needs to be your guide. Even if you’re in the earlier stages of home additions, not having sufficient budget is going to stop the project from getting off of the ground at all. Therefore, take time and really map out a thorough, itemized budget that you and anyone else involved with the kitchen remodeling can follow. This helps you clarify what features are most important. As a pro tip, don’t forget to set aside some of the budget for ‘emergency’ purposes. Even the best laid plans can go awry, so make sure you have funds in case something doesn’t come out as you plan, or certain materials break during construction.

Work Around Any Appliances

One of the most costly components of any major kitchen remodel is likely going to be your appliances. If you’re giving a makeover to everything from flooring to the cabinets, you don’t want to have worn down, aging appliances that will become an eyesore. That being said, you should know exactly which appliances you’re going to buy, along with the set dimensions. This way, when you’re building any new cabinetry, storage, etc, the appliances will slip right into place without issue. If you build first without looking at appliances, you’re limiting the available options for purchase.

The Little Things Matter Too

Always think about the how you can create more space where there wasn’t any before. Are you going to have particularly deep drawers? Then you can utilize add-ons like draw dividers. This will give you multiple layers within one drawer, which can be perfect for something like storing all your frequently used silverware, rather than spreading it across two drawers. Also, items like pantry pullouts and lazy susans can help maximize the amount of spacing in any cabinets throughout your kitchen.

Set Up Barriers For The Duration Of The Project

This may seem obvious, but you don’t want any debris from your kitchen remodeling to spread into other rooms. Make sure you protect nearby spaces and surfaces with plastic tarps. There are actually a number of very affordable temporary ‘doorways’ that can attach to the ceiling which create easy to walk through barriers that won’t let any dust pass through.

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