Stand Out With These Winter Landscape Design Tips

Landscape Design Blog PageYour home is not defined by one feature; it is an ensemble greater than the sum of its parts. However, overlooking a key component like your landscape can drastically change its perception.

Winter Landscape Design Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out

You put a lot of effort into making your yard stand out with some popular landscape designs this summer. Now, with winter around the corner, it’s time to not only start looking ahead to next year, but also take advantage of a season that so many homeowners overlook when it comes to landscape design.

Planning and Preparation for Home Improvement

First and foremost, winter can be absolutely devastating to a yard that isn’t properly taken care of prior to the winter months. While more labor intensive activities suited for slightly warmer fall months such as aerating and seeding should already be done, there is still more to do.

Lawn Care

For your lawn, consider using soil conditioner to help alleviate dry patches in the spring. Also, don’t leave growing weeds unattended too just because they’ll be covered by snow soon. Just like other plants, they can regrow when the weather begins to warm, so do as much maintenance as possible going into winter. This is a more effective strategy than dousing your regrowing lawn with weed killer in the spring.

Mulching is a Must

For plants and trees, mulching in the fall is an absolute must if you want to help facilitate healthy growth as spring emerges. Not only will installing mulch on flower beds and around trees help protect roots from winter’s low temperatures, it will preserve any local moisture to keep roots healthier in dry winters.

Prune it or Lose it

The time leading into winter is perfect for pruning certain flora. Consider thinning out thicker, leafier trees to prevent snow build up. This will help keep branches from breaking under the weight of too much snow. The same goes for evergreen trees. They will be on full display in the winter season, and you don’t want broken branches to litter your yard.

Winter Wonderland Home Design

Now that you’ve labored away in preparation for the coming winter, take into consideration a few ways to draw positive attention to your landscape for the new few months.

Explore the Space

As the snow begins to cover your yard, be mindful of open spaces that emerge. If you look outside and everything seems too flat for comfort, consider incorporating new hardscape. Fountains, arbors, a walkway bench, or sculptures are all multi-purpose additions that can work to your advantage in all four seasons.

Versatile Evergreens

Fallen evergreen branches (or even low hanging ones) don’t just have to be thrown by the wayside. If you have plant containers that hang or sit empty during the winter months, use a collection of evergreen or spruce branches to generate a more dynamic landscape. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Potent Perennials

A lot of perennials will have evergreen elements already. Make sure they’re positioned in such a way that will make them stand out in the snow or frost. Just because they might not have bright, floral type colors doesn’t mean they’re unsightly. Anything will contrast great against what seems like an endless bed of snow.

It can be a lot of work, but your landscape design really is a year round project. Always seek the advice of experts and professionals to cater to your specific needs and find out what will work best for your home.


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