Rooms to Remodel in Pairs

Raising the Value of Your Home, Two Rooms at a TimeRoom Being Remodeled in Paris

Whether you’re looking to place you home on the market, or just looking to upgrade to something more comfortable, remodeling your home is the way to go! Remodeling, however, can be a long and involved process. You may need to get permits from your city, your neighborhood homeowner’s association, and you may need to show these permits to your construction company. If you’re not sure of how to make home improvements yourself, you may need to hire an architect for some ideas, or you may need to head over to your local library to see if you can find something that you like. Once you’ve got an idea in mind, planning it out makes your plans real, but bear in mind that you may need to submit these plans to your city inspector’s office. Whatever you will need to get, and whenever you decide to get your plans and your materials, you will be able make the most of your renovations if you take on two rooms at one time.

Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are two rooms that are said to be the main rooms to which prospective home buyers pay the most attention, and spend the most time. These two rooms are also the most delicate because they are the two places where the state of your plumbing matters the most. Before you set plans and confirm a date to start remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, it is strongly recommended that you have your plumbing inspected for potential flaws. Discovering problems and potential problems during make-overs makes the job of your construction company difficult, and can make an already-long process even longer. Getting your bathroom and your kitchen out of the way will make your life easier later down the line.

Spare Bedroom and Den

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have home spacious enough to hold a den and a guest room, these two rooms are also great to pair off, and renovate together. With a multi-bedroom home, children are usually present, but will have their bedrooms and other rooms to store toys and send their dolls on adventures. Taking care of these two rooms together means that, when work is finished, you will suddenly have what seems like twice the space you started with, and more to show off to visiting family and friends.

Master Bedroom and Living Room

Remodeling the main bedroom and primary living room in your home may prove to be enormously inconvenient, and even push you out of your home and into a hotel, but there is a good reason to get these two rooms done at the same time: you spend the most time in these two rooms, and often use them in conjunction for family nights in, or date night. Taking care of the two of these together is a one-and-done proposition: you will have all of the work that you need for your two most-frequently-used rooms, and depending on your construction and design company, it will be done fairly quickly.

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