Little Things that Make a Difference in Remodeling

Remodeling is the Place to be YourselfCouple's Newly Remodeled Living Room

Maybe you haven’t thought much of remodeling, but if you have, you’ve probably considered exactly how you want your bathroom to look. Going shopping for paint colors and wallpaper is part of the process, even if you have a professional do the heavy lifting with your bathroom remodeling project. Checking in and working closely with someone is part of the process, even when everyone has a clear idea of how the end result will appear. Once everything has been installed, there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy your new space, but there may small additions that you may want to take into consideration when your project is nearing completion, including things that can alter the look of your bathroom further.

Large Mirrors

Strongly suggested for smaller bathrooms, adding mirrors can make any room seem a little bigger. Go for large mirrors, as ornate as you would like, or as plain as you like, and enjoy as they collect and share light.

Light or Bright Colors

Pastels can relax you as much as bold brights can energize you? What would you like for your bathroom to do for you? Would you like to wake up more alert with a crisp yellow, or would you like to be soothed to sleep as you soak in warm water by a pale lavender? Choosing the right color for your bathroom contributes to the overall theme, and makes a difference in how your bathroom is used in terms of frequency and purpose.

Recessed Studio Lighting

Recessed lighting is particularly an asset when your bathroom is your retreat from the day. Recessed lighting is soft, warm light that may even be a little dim, but is still strong enough that you will not trip over something small on the floor. Bulbs are usually easily replaced, and eco-friendly bulbs are easy to find around town, so you will enjoy this feature for years to come.

Large Windows

If your bathroom is where you start your day, there are few better places for large windows than a place where all of the sunlight can be let in to wake you up and refresh you. With large windows, your bathroom not only expands, but you have a better view than you do with port windows, and the chance to have good circulation. Don’t underestimate the good things that large windows can do for your bathroom, including providing an escape route in the event of an emergency.


The bidet is Europe’s eco-friendly answer to toilet paper. A stream of water cleans your private area after you use the bathroom, and no paper is necessary. BIdets have been shown to be healthier and overall less expensive than relying on toilet paper to get the job done. If installing a traditional bidet proves too much (or too unusual) for you, try installing one right onto your own toilet. Chances are that you will master the device after a few tries, and feel much cleaner before you know it.

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