Kitchen Remodeling: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling With Dark Wood5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

A kitchen is much more than just a space for cooking. It’s the center of the home where people gather to enjoy some of life’s most important moments. Ultimately, your kitchen will reflect your lifestyle. Integrate these thoughtful tips, tricks, and ideas when planning your next kitchen remodeling project. It will make your space functional, inviting, and easy to work and live in!

1. Think practical design

A practical design will save you a lot of time in the kitchen. Think about how you use the kitchen and the essential items in it and eliminate the wasted steps. Design storage space near the breakfast table so you can place breakfast foods there. Keep your containers in a specified area near a space that is ideal for putting away leftovers. Place cabinets and drawers for dishes and dishware near the dishwasher to make the loading and unloading process easy! Consider a thoughtful design during your next kitchen remodeling project.

2. Think light fixtures

One of the most important things to consider when remodeling your kitchen is the lighting. Many people choose recessed lighting, however surface-mounted fixtures are a great way to provide even more light. Hanging lights are also a popular way to light up islands or other countertop space. It’s also important to think about lights under your cabinets. This will ensure your countertop space is well-lit and easy-to-use.

3. Think countertop space

Ample countertop space is going to make life in the kitchen much easier. Those who cook frequently understand that countertop space is a prized possession. Think about incorporating a lot of countertop space between the stove range and the sink. Another thing to think about is incorporating two countertop heights. This will make it easy for your kids to help out with meal preparation! Lastly, what types of materials are you considering? Popular countertop surfaces include natural stone, plastic laminate, ceramic tile, concrete, and wood.

4. Think color schemes

Depending on the size of your kitchen, color schemes make a big difference. If you are working in a small space, consider light and soft colors to give the illusion of a bigger space. Don’t forget that dark colors in a small space may make it feel less inviting. If you have more surface area to take advantage of, dark colors can add bold elegance. What colors are you thinking for your next kitchen remodeling project?

5. Think focal point

Flashy tiles, fancy floors, and lots of pattern make the kitchen busy and can be overwhelming to the eye. Pick one area in the kitchen to spruce up and add bold features to. The rest of the kitchen should compliment that focal point. Although it may be tempting to design a kitchen with eye-catching features, designating a single focal point will give your kitchen a relaxing and visually-pleasing vibe. An easy way to designate a focal point is to invest a decent portion of your budget on that area.

Kitchen Remodeling in Joliet

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project, consider Crimson Design & Construction to be your partner. Our team will help you pick a design that fits your home, choose materials, and work within your budget.

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