How to Plan for a Home Addition

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how-to-plan-home-addition-SERVICEImagine not having to share a bathroom with your kids, or having a kitchen that has enough space to cook and entertain in, or having an extra bedroom for guests to stay in. Home additions are always an asset and provide many benefits. When you are ready to add on, there are few ways you can prepare so that the process runs smoothly and effectively.

Tips to Help You Prepare

The first step in planning for a home addition is to realize that an addition is similar to a remodel. It will require a plan, materials and construction. When you hire an architect, remember that communication is key to a successful addition.

Make Plans

With assistance from your architect, you will make plans for your addition including determining your property lines and creating a design that works well with your home’s floor plan.

After deciding on a budget that you can afford, you will figure out what design you want for the addition and the best location. Be sure to discuss the costs of the addition with your architect so that you know what to expect and how much you can afford.

Choose Materials

Do you want natural light to shine into your new room? If so, you will want to consider the type of windows you want and how many should be installed to optimize the amount of light you desire.

What style do you want the room to be? A modern design compared to a traditional will require a wide range of materials from siding to flooring, to appliances, to roofing, to trim, to doors, to hardware, to paint colors and more.

Choosing materials is an important step, as it will determine the appearance and feel of the room. To ensure that the addition has the look you desire, speak with your contractor and interior designers about your expectations.

Know What To Expect

Before the home builders begin your project, make sure that you understand the process and progression of the job. When you know the length of the determined project, whether or not you need to move out during the construction, and other details, you can adequately prepare. Because construction causes dust and debris, learn how to protect the rest of your home from dust by sealing off the construction zone.

What Are the Benefits of Home Additions?

Whether you home addition is a large or small, it will provide many benefits. A couple of these benefits are listed below.

Boosts Your Home’s Value

From a small bathroom to living area, to a whole second story, any type of home addition will add value to your home.

Provides the Space You Need

Whether you need an extra bedroom, bathroom, study, wine cellar, building a room addition is a relatively easy project when you know what to expect and how to prepare. A new bedroom may be useful for visitors, but is also necessary if you have a parent that may need to live with you in the future or if your kid moves back in after college.

If you need more space, but can’t afford to move, home additions are a less expensive solution. Ensure that your home addition is completed according to your plans by effectively communicating with you contractor and learning how to sufficiently prepare.

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