Green Home Remodeling Tips for The Eco-Friendly

Kids Playing After A Home RemodelingHow To Go Green With Your Home Remodeling

Creating an eco-friendly, green living space is very important to some homeowners. If you’re looking for responsible, sustainable ways to make some home improvements these home remodeling tips and tricks will help you go a long way. When designing for a better tomorrow, you’ll want to choose the best products and really stretch things out when it comes to home remodeling that gives your home the energy efficient design of your dreams. From eco-friendly bathroom remodeling and roofing to kitchen appliance upgrades that help conserve energy, there are many ways to go green with your home remodeling projects. Check out the great suggestions below that will help you get started on turning everything in your house green with energy efficient envy.

Go Green With Your Roofing

When you want to go green you should use sustainable or recycled materials for your roof that are easy to install, and don’t require additional building or construction resources. Eco-friendly roof materials also cut down on transport costs and material waste. The best material for your green roof remodeling includes engineered slate and cedar material. Both functional and attractive, this eco-friendly roofing material will last for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Hardwood Options

When it comes to your green floor options, an eco-friendly home remodel option is bamboo floors. Look for stranded bamboo that is durable to fight wear and tear, and easy to maintain. Bamboo floors also look great in the bathroom and give your home a luxurious look without waste.

Energy Efficient Everything

One of the best ways to save time, money, and energy is to plan a remodel in pairs. No matter what your budget, there are plenty of rooms to remodel in pairs that will keep your construction more green. During your home remodel, opt for energy efficient building materials to reduce your carbon footprint. One easy home remodeling option for those wanting to go green are energy efficient windows that help improve insulation and cut down on heating and cooling costs. Lighting is another easy home remodelling accent that can give your home the gorgeous upgrade you want, and create a more energy efficient environment.

Use Materials That Make a Difference

While it used to be scrutinized, vinyl is one very energy efficient product. Durability is key when designing a home remodel with energy efficiency in mind. Vinyl can be used throughout your home remodeling for a plethora of projects. Using vinyl pipes is one of the best ways to provide affordable, clean drinking water throughout your home. Vinyl coating is also an excellent way to insulate electrical wiring.

Let the Sun Shine In

Solar everything is the best way to power up and really go green with your home remodeling. However, if solar panels aren’t in your budget, a great way to get a little warmth from the sun is to let it shine right in. Some home additions aren’t insulated well. Instead of installing non-environmentally friendly materials, consider installing a sun-light or window in the ceiling.

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