Gas vs. Electric Stoves: Which Is Best?

Kitchen stoves are powered by either gas or electricity. When you are remodeling your kitchen and want to replace the stove, which do you choose? Most people would just buy another stove that fits with either the gas outlet or electrical socket that’s already in their kitchens. However, you should consider switching to electric if you have gas.

Why Electric?

Electrical stoves do not have open flames running. If you have small children in the house, the flames of a gas burner can seriously injure an unsuspecting child. If you buy an electric stove and use it to replace the gas stove, there’s less concern for injury to children and yourself.

There’s also the issue of forgetting to turn off the stove. If you forget to turn off an electric stove, it’s not great, but it’s less likely to cause a fire. This is especially true if you have a burner-less glass top stove where it’s more challenging to burn things and easier to put out small fires. 

Electricity will never leak or create a potentially dangerous situation if not ignited but left to fill the room from the oven. Electricity stops flowing the minute you turn the oven off. Gas may not, and it’s not always easy to tell if you have turned a gas oven all the way off. 

Modern Electric Ovens Are Very Efficient

Worried about the cost of electricity for your oven? Don’t be. As it turns out, not only are modern electric ovens safer than gas, but they are also very energy efficient. When you shop for your new electric stove, you can check the energy usage tags. You might be surprised at how efficient they are. 

Gas Converted to Electric

It’s not that difficult to convert gas to electric either. Your contractor removes the gas connections and gas line to the kitchen. Then the electrical wiring to the kitchen is checked to see if it can support the electric oven. There needs to be an outlet behind or under the new stove, so the contractor installs that.

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