Where To Find Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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When you look at your old, sad, tired bathroom, you know it needs help badly. But what are you going to do about it? Are you ready for bathroom remodeling? Does the idea of a new, shiny, bright bathroom make you smile from ear-to-ear? It may be the right time to move forward with the project. But, oh goodness, there are so many tiles out there, endless flooring options, and cabinets galore. How do you choose what’s right for your space and your personal taste? You just have to know where to find bathroom remodeling ideas and spend a little time with them! Here are some good places to start:

Home Improvement Stores

Any store that carries tools and other home improvement supplies will have a bathroom section. They may not have examples of entire bathrooms, but you will start to become familiar with faucets, fixtures, and other options that are available to you. Perhaps something will stand out that you just have to have in your space. Grab a sample and use it to build the rest of the design.


You can look through home improvement magazines as well to see before and after photos. You’ll see old bathrooms just like yours transformed into amazing spaces. Perhaps you won’t be able to tell exact dimensions, but you might find yourself gravitating toward a particular style, layout, or even color scheme. Take note of the certain items you like and don’t like as a starting point.

Open Houses

If there’s a neighborhood in your area that has model homes, there’s nothing wrong with sweeping through the home during an open house to check out the bathroom. There might be something new and innovative in there that you want to use in your own bathroom remodeling project. You can get a feel for what builders think is popular and what raises the value on a home.


Of course, there are endless websites that show you bathroom remodeling ideas as well. You can scroll through them for hours (or even days!) on end. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the ideas so try not to do too much at a time. Once you see a style you like, make note of it and quit for a while so you can look at it with a fresh mind later.


You can also get a lot of bathroom remodeling ideas from a designer who can come up with unique ideas for your particular space. It’s always nice to find someone who will take your style and bring it into play in your bathroom remodeling project. And, better yet, you don’t have to go through all of the other steps to find something you love.

Crimson Design & Construction

When you are ready to transform your old bathroom into something truly lovely, Crimson Design & Construction is here to help. We don’t just bring the tools, either. We can help with the design process to ensure you get just what you want from start to finish!


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