Financing Home Remodeling Projects

Home Remodeling Budget Options

If you want to start working on home remodeling projects, the sky’s the limit. However, when it comes to the costs, you will likely have a budget to stick to. Even if you set a moderate budget, you will have to figure out how you are going to finance the process. There are several options you could consider:


If you are good about putting away any money you don’t use on monthly bills, it’s possible you have a healthy chunk in your savings account that you could put toward home remodeling projects. However, you don’t want to invest every dime you have so decide how much you think you could spare and then create a budget around that.

Home Equity Loans

If you have some equity in your home because you have owned it for a while and have faithfully paid the mortgage, you can get some of the money you put into the house into your home remodeling. The monthly payments are easy to budget and you know exactly what you are getting into.

Home Equity Lines Of Credit

Mortgages work more like credit cards. Your lender will give you a limit as to how much you can borrow and they will charge you interest only on the amount you actually use. Get funds out as you need them, even if your home remodeling project takes months. You may have a minimum withdrawal requirement as well and most programs give you 8-10 years to repay the plan.

Personal Loan

Personal loans are loans that allow you to take out money for virtually any reason. Using them for home remodeling is a good way to make an investment into your home for the future if you ever decide to sell.

Loan Terms

If you are going to take out some kind of a loan or another, you will want to look at the terms of the loan. There are a number of items to consider to ensure you will get the best possible deal for home remodeling. Interest rates are important, for example. The less interest you pay, the more you can afford. The loan term signifies the length of time you have to pay the loan back. 15-year loans will have a higher monthly payment than 30-year loans, for example.

Organize Your Finances

Before home remodeling begins, you will have to have the financing in place, but Crimson Design & Construction deals with such financing issues on a daily basis. We are happy to help you get your home remodeling project off the ground by offering you advice on loans and other financing options. We understand budgets and we’ll stick to the monetary parameters you give us for your project. Let’s sit down together and work out the specifics so you can start working on the home remodeling project you need to have done.

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