The Essentials In Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Layout Inspiration

When you begin designing a new space for your kitchen remodeling project, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the project. In order to get everything into place, layout is key. The layout will determine the bones and functionality of the kitchen as a whole. Once you have the layout right, you can begin to dream about hardware and flooring. Use some of these essential tips as inspiration for your kitchen remodeling layout design.

The Work Triangle

Any kitchen creates a work triangle between the three essential kitchen workstations. Those include the stove, the sink, and the fridge. The perimeter of this triangle is usually between 12-23 feet. Smaller triangles are often more efficient because there is less moving about between the stations. But larger triangles are good for families that have a lot of people living in the household. Ultimately, the decision is yours and can be determined by the amount of space you have to offer to the triangle.

Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen remodeling layout is used in smaller, compact spaces. The layout gives you two parallel work areas with the sink and dishwasher and fridge on one wall and the stove on the other. This is the traditional layout of this style, but you can set it up anyway you want. If you have a long, narrow space, it is a good layout to think about using.

Fridge Location

The fridge is one of the most accessed pieces in the room. You will need to leave at least 15 inches of open counter space on the handle side so you can put your groceries down when you come in and easily unload them.

Stove Location

Most homeowners like to have at least 12 inches of counter space on either side of a stove so there are places to put pots and other prepared foods. You can also lay spoons and other items that help you with the pots nearby. Ovens generally need 15 inches of open counter on either side for dishes to come out and cool.

Sink Space

Just like the fridge, there will often be a lot of activity around the sink. It is often best to have 24-26 inches of space on either side to allow for dishwashing and other tasks to get done with ease.

Food Prep Station

You will also want ample counter space for food preparation. Many homeowners try to allow for 42 inches, at a minimum. You can use other locations, like next to the fridge or whatever works for you if necessary or you can dedicate a new space for this purpose.

When Inspiration Hits

Now that you have a few ideas and some measurement inspirations, it’s time to get out your ruler and start exploring the kitchen remodeling options in your home. When you need help, contact Crimson Design & Construction. It’s fun to dream on your own, but we come with a complete interior design and construction service to make those dreams come true!


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