Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

Earth Loves New BathroomsNewly Remodeled Bathroom To Be Eco-Friendly

Making your entire home eco-friendly involves some effort, but it also can be done easily, once you are in the habit of being more mindful of the environment. Using less toilet tissue, choosing to air dry your hands or use a hand towel instead of a paper towel, and turning off lights when you’ve left the room all correspond to savings, and positive contributions to the environment. Choosing to support the environment isn’t just habits, though. To an extent, you need to make sure that you use eco-friendly materials when you build, and you will also need to make sure that you are cognizant of your impact on the earth in all that you do. Leaving earlier to get to your destination will ensure that you use your fuel efficiently, and spend less time waiting in traffic. Taking your lunch saves your gas, your wallet, and your parking spot at work. Even remodeling your bathroom can directly impact the environment in a positive way.

Water-Saving Toilet

One of the easiest ways that you can help yourself, and the environment, is choosing a water-saving toilet. A water saving toilet has two flush settings: light water for liquids, and more water for heavier loads. Water-efficient toilets save hundreds of gallons of water per household, per year. They are especially popular with households in drought-prone desert states. Scientists continue to look for better and better ways for us to better dispose of our waste products safely and efficiently.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a frequently-used product for those who wish to be more friendly to the environment. Bamboo is a durable, malleable material that is used in flooring, but can also be used for walls, mats, culinary purposes, clothing, and even jewelry. Being that it is durable and water resistant, bamboo makes for an excellent flooring material inside of a home. It has the appearance of hardwood without the maintenance, and gives any room and warm and cozy feel. Ask your local construction company for more information.

Eco High-Pressure Showerhead

Like a typical toilet, we also have a tendency to use excessive amounts of water while bathing or using the shower. We may fill the tub to the brim, spilling perfectly good water over the side, or stay under the flow of warm water in the shower, relaxing away from a long, stressful day. While neither behavior is anything close to evil, water bills can stack up over time, and make for a difficult situation during droughts. Specialized showerheads are available at local hardware stores and online retailers that do many miracles: they can filter water, control the pressure, but still provide satisfying showers. Choosing a water-efficient showerhead means continuing with your luxurious showers while giving back to the planet.

LED Lights

LED Lights are the easiest eco-friendly upgrade that you can make. Electricity can be so draining on natural resources that installing one is like taking several cars off of the road. Easy to find and easier to install, you may not need to call anyone, but they would look lovely in newly-install fixtures.

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