Coolest Bathroom Remodels

Time for a ChangeCool Bathroom Remodel With A Jacuzzi Tub

It has been said that, when selling your home, what you’re really selling is you bathroom and kitchen. Think of all of the times that someone has complained to you, or to someone you love, about the enormous expense associated with fixing problems in a bedroom. If you’ve never heard anything like this, you’re not alone – unless some sort of natural disaster has occurred, or the home is completely custom, neither bedrooms, nor living rooms, nor dining areas, nor dens typically come with the delicate problems that can be found in rooms that are attached to your plumbing. Your home’s water systems are part of the overall structure of your home, but this doesn’t mean that their outlets don’t have aesthetic value, and a value to home buyers. If your intent isn’t selling your home, you can still benefit from keeping your bathroom and kitchen updated. Some of the most interesting and engaging places in homes can be their bathrooms, and there’s no reason that your bathroom should be left in the dust.

Spa Experience

A potentially expensive but popular remodel, turning your bathroom into a spa getaway can provide you the most benefit. Your bathroom can become the place that you go to relax, to unwind, and to re-center. Swapping your regular tub for a tub with jets, or adding a small indoor hot tub can make your bathroom fit for royalty. Studio lighting, also called recessed lighting, can relax and soothe the most anxious among us. Steam treatments for the face and hair are easy with the right equipment. Turning your bathroom into a spa isn’t beyond everyone’s reach, and may be the best thing that you do for yourself, and for your family.

Turkish Bath

For a warming cultural experience, creating a Turkish bath is easier than you think. Importing Turkish-inspired tiles and fixtures can be done easily with the help of a contractor, or a company that you can find yourself that is willing and able to provide the materials to you. Work with your contractor to install a heated floor. This will not only make your bathroom more luxurious, but will also help you stay warm and comfortable during winter months.

Cool Urban Retreat

Blue and greys hues with huge windows and glass doors all bespeak the modernity of city life. Adding a rain shower that brings you a rush of warm water from just above your head is not just beautiful, but also practical: imagine washing under an even stream of water that gets your skin ready for soap and your hair ready for shampoo. You may actually be able to cut down on your bathing time because water is getting everywhere you need it to go.

Eco-Friendly Change

Tired of wasting water and resources? You have the option to install bamboo flooring throughout your home, and make your home more sustainable. Use it to decorate the walls of your new retreat, and give the room a different texture. A heated floor can save you money in heating costs when the weather gets cold, and energy efficient windows always make a positive impact on your living space. Whatever change you choose for your bathroom, you’ll love the changes and be more at home than ever.

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