Before You Begin: Getting Ready for That Major Remodeling Project

Your upcoming remodel will change the way you experience your home. Plan wisely and take care of some important things before you begin for the best outcome. Talk to your contractor in detail about the expected duration of the project for each space. Whether you stay in your house during the remodel or stay somewhere else, you want to be able to find your things! Here’s what you can do to stay organized and keep your house running as smoothly as possible.

1. Take Before Pictures

Quality pictures make showing off your remodel easy once the project is complete. Try to get the whole house photographed in full daylight. Snap detail photos of any major problem areas that are going to be fixed.

2. Audit Your Belongings

Some people like to list all their belongings in a spreadsheet. You can also use grid paper or a notebook with sleeves for each piece of paper. Many people keep track of their items successfully by numbering their boxes. Give yourself a few weeks to a few months to go through it all and create highly accessible go-to boxes for the things you use the most.

3. Clear Pathways Inside and Outside

Talk to your contractor before your remodel begins about where they will walk the most. Leave space for your own pathways, ones for storage areas, and walkways for the contractors. Determine any storage space you will need outside, inside, and in separate storage units.

4. Create a Security Plan

You should set up a security plan and stock up on fire, flood, and accident prevention supplies. Update any passwords you have for your computer, home system, and security system. Let your neighbors know about your project and create a list of people who can handle project issues or family emergencies. Make sure you create a key lockbox and get copies to any immediate family members who need them.

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