Advice For Small Bathroom Remodeling

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If you want your bathroom to stand out, but the space is so small, it might seem like bathroom remodeling is impossible. Luckily, there are lots of small bathrooms out there and even more people with ideas on how to make them great. Use these inspirations to get your bathroom remodeling project on track, even in a small amount of space.

Break Rules

When you are working on bathroom remodeling, you might think you have to follow certain style rules. When it comes to a small space, that just isn’t the case. In fact, interior designers suggest that you go with things that might seem over the top in larger spaces. That means bold patterns that can add dimension and fun to the space. It’s okay to step outside the box in a small bathroom because there isn’t much space to cover as it is.

Pricey Materials

Since you are simply remodeling a small bathroom, you may be able to afford materials that are higher in price. You won’t need much marble, for example, to cover the countertops since they are so small. You can make a big impact with a hand-carved marble sink and a gold gilded material. Decorating with lush materials in the small space will give it a high level of impact.

Use Built-Ins

Don’t waste any wall space in a small bathroom. If you are working on bathroom remodeling, consider floor to ceiling built in shelving to give you extra space for bathroom necessities. You can store towels, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and anything else you need to keep in the room. The built-ins keep things out of the way and yet accessible in the small space.

Use Color

Small bathrooms are asking for something to make a big statement and you can do just that with pops of color. Some smaller bathrooms don’t even have windows so they don’t get natural light. The key to keeping them fresh looking is bright colors including white with other bold color accents to counterbalance the fresh look.

Utilize Glass

If you want the bathroom to look as large as possible, give the illusion of more space by using glass. Enclose the shower or tub with glass so you can see one end of the room from the other. This will give you at least a little extra space when you are glancing into the room.

Choose Small Fixtures

In a small bathroom remodeling job, you will want to find fixtures that maximize the amount of space the room has to offer. Larger fixtures will make the room look smaller while smaller fixtures will fit in with ease and possibly even make the room appear larger than it is.

Ask Professionals For Advice

If you are still at a loss as to where you should go with your bathroom remodeling project, there’s nothing wrong with asking a professional designer for help. You will likely need help with the remodeling project anyway so get help with the design process too in order to make sure you get exactly what you want out of the small space.

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