3 Ways To Get Through Bathroom Remodeling

Newly Kitchen And Bathroom RemodelingHow To Survive Bathroom Remodeling

Living without a bathroom can be a complete nightmare during a remodel. From showering to living hygienically like washing your hands or brushing your teeth—how do you get through it all? Renting a home or hotel room can really take a toll on your finances. Planning ahead, however, can help ease the financial tension of bathroom remodeling. Sometimes it’s the little, creative things that help you and your family survive bathroom remodeling. No matter what size remodel you are going for, these bathroom remodeling tips and tricks will keep stress at bay and have you surviving your dream bathroom remodel like a pro! The bathroom remodeling and construction will breeze by when you learn the best ways to survive without your bathroom.

Bathroom Activities Without a Bathroom

You’re probably wondering how to shower and go to the toilet during a bathroom remodel. If you’re doing an entire home remodel project, this should be the first room on the list. Simply because it’s hard for you and your family to survive not having this room while you make cool upgrades. In the event that you run into plumbing problems or your remodel takes an extra day, ask a neighbor if you can shower or use their facilities during the remodel. Be sure to bake them a little something or buy them a nice little gift for their generosity. If you have a gym membership, simply pack a bag and shower in the gym before work. Camping showers are also a great way to get clean during a long remodel. For larger families, consider getting a two room shower tent at your local hardware, sport/camping, or department store.

Create a Temporary Bathroom Sink Space

During a simple remodel, that only requires one day of disruption, you can use your kitchen to create a temporary bathroom sink space. Grab a wall mirror and set it behind your faucet. Place your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash to the side for easy brushing. If your contractor needs to shut the water off for any reason, a gallon of water for brushing and hand sanitizer are great for hygiene. If you have a large family, give everyone a ten minute time limit/slot in the morning to keep everyone organized and on the go. Wet wipes or baby wipes are also great to have on hand when you need to live without water for a hot minute.

Renting Temporary Bathroom Facilities

In the event that your house will be under serious construction for a week or two, don’t fret. Your contractor will likely rent temporary bathroom facilities or give you the name of a reputable company to rent facilities from. Be sure to ask the contractor for the best place to arrange for these facilities to be placed. You’ll want an area that provides ease of access for both your family and your construction team. You can also buy small portable toilets for your family to place in a discreet area of your house. This is a more budget-friendly option than renting, and a great addition for the family who loves the outdoors.

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