3 Staircase Remodels That Transformed the Home

You bought your home and expected to manage with the current staircase. However, after years of going up and down this staircase, you realize it just isn’t right for you and your home. If you want to change it to something else, you have to find a design that works in the space you have.

Changing Directions

Some staircases were not thoroughly thought out when a home was built. They leave little room to open the front door, or they sweep down and around into a hallway that really doesn’t let you go where you intend to go. Maybe what you need is to change the positioning or direction of the staircase. Instead of facing right and almost blocking your front door, it should face left and let the front door open into your foyer freely. Maybe it needs to be a grand staircase that sweeps down into the center of the foyer. Just change direction.

Changing the Style

Staircase style changes the look of the staircase. Maybe you want an ultra-modern metal staircase, or maybe you want a corkscrew staircase. Curved, the staircase can sweep down from right or left, or if you have sufficient room, a double grand staircase that sweeps down from both the left and right. The style can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. It’s supposed to be both architecturally pleasing and functional.

Changing the Materials

Staircases can be wood, metal, or even glass. Each works with different support materials to ensure that your weight and the weight of each person going up and down is properly supported. If you want to see what a certain style of staircase looks like in each material type, your staircase designer and builder can create 3D computer images for you. Then you can get a good idea of what your new staircase looks like in the space you have.

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